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Forms and Documents

                     CPRWMA 20 year Cost Savings

Russell County's 2012-2013 Plan of Work

Upper Tennessee River Roundtable's
Trash and Tourism Committee


National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)
Regional Strategies for Environmental Stewardship
See p.28-29

Board of Directors

Buchanan County:
Mr. Earl Rife
Mr. Harold "Buddy" Fuller

Dickenson County:
Mr. Damon Rasnick
Mr. Donnie Rife

Russell County
Mr. Frank Horton
Mr. Danny Brown

At Large
Andrew Chafin

Mr. Jim Baldwin, Executive Director
Mr. Toby F. Edwards, Director
Ms. Kelly O'Quinn, Secretary


Phone: (276)889-1778
Fax: (276)889-5732
Email: tobyedwards@bvunet.net
224 Clydesway Drive
Lebanon, VA 24266

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